Program Information

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Program Information

Program provides the following:

  • Prescription Assistance on name brand medication through the various Pharmaceutical companies across the United States.
    Each Medication comes directly from the drug manufacturer at little or no cost to the patient.
  • One of our certified advocates will process your enrollment through your provider and the corresponding manufacturer.
  • Upon approval, the standard time frame to receive medication is 4-6 weeks.
  • Our office will then process medication refills, dosage changes and any other additional necessities to ensure proper medication management.


Frequently Asked Questions

For Doctors

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What Happens After I apply?

  • Once you apply online we will have a HIPAA certified healthcare advocate contact you to discuss your options within 24 hours.
  • After enrollment with Medication Outreach is complete, we will then send you a welcome packet with a list of medications that we will be assisting you with, along with any other pertinent information.
  • We will send complete applications to your prescribing physicians office for signatures and then forward them to the pharmaceutical company to complete the process.
  • Our staff has a custom database that allows us to follow up with each medication to insure prompt prescription delivery.
  • Once we have verified approval, you will receive your medication typically in a 90 day supply.

Is there a Fee?

  • Your prescription Medication comes directly from the pharmaceutical company that manufactures it at NO COST.
  • We DO NOT charge for medication under any circumstances or in anyway.
    Each patient will have a small monthly administrative fee to maintain their prescription programs. In most cases this is a very minimal fee and allows for great savings.
  • Each patient is handled on a case by case basis. There is a one time $35.00 application fee that is requested to allow for processing. Our goal is for each patient to have an affordable solution in managing the cost of their medications.

Cancellation and Refund Policies

  • - Although we allow for cancellation for any reason at anytime, we DO require a 30 day written notification for cancellation to be mailed to our office.
  • - We are a month to month service and we do not have contracts that lock you in. Our goal is to save you money, if we cannot do that then by all means we support your decision to find other means.
  • - We charge a one time $35.00 application fee that is non-refundable.